Youth Wrestling – How it teaches discipline and why it’s good for your child. By Coach Tom Geist

BeastWorks Wrestling Club - Jacksonville, NC

Wrestling is an amazing sport for children and adults alike. Many successful people credit youth wrestling as the foundation for their strong work ethic that attributed to their success. No, we’re not talking about MMA fighters, we are talking about all forms of success!  As a young wrestler, your child will lose, it’s inevitable. If we can encourage them to find the reason why they lost, not make excuses and fix the problem, that will ultimately translate into a strong work ethic applicable to any of life’s future endeavors.

Excuses vs Reasons

We just had a conversation with our wrestling team about the difference between “excuses” and “reasons” why they lost their last match.  Recently, after getting pinned, one of our wrestlers said to us that he didn’t know what mat he was going to wrestle on for his next match at the tournament and it threw him off.  The REASON he lost that match was because he was caught in a move he has never seen before.  If the wrestler can identify the reason, and find a way to fix it, he or she will excel in this sport.  Apply that same work ethic and willingness to learn from failures towards their future career and that is a great recipe for success.   

No more excuses

As we continue our efforts to build wrestling popularity here on the east coast of North Carolina, we will run into a few road bumps along the way.  Other states like Pennsylvania, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio and others continue to push youth wrestling as their main winter sport.  At national tournaments, we wrestle against kids that come from a long line of wrestlers within their family. It’s in their blood. Here in NC, we are just getting started and make no excuses.  Instead, we find the reasons why wrestling isn’t as popular in our area and strive to fix it so we can compete at the highest level of competition.  We are happy to say that in the last few years there have been a few wrestling teams formed within a 20-mile radius of BeastWorks Wrestling Club.  We hope the numbers continue to grow and the local competition continues to become stronger.  No excuses. Just reasons to continue to develop our next generation into hard working, well-disciplined people. 

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-  Coach Tom Geist



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